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Tuesday 26 May 2020


Wirecard unveils Grab & Go store concept

Written by Peter Walker

Wirecard has unveiled a prototype of an unmanned store utilising artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

The Grab & Go concept lets consumers pick products which are scanned automatically by a mobile app, with payment taken upon leaving the store. Launched by Wirecard’s Innovation Labs, it works through a combination of computer vision, deep learning and logic.

The store grants access to customers through a variety of methods via smartphone, which can be tailored to the merchant’s preference. Non-registered users can enter the store with a tap of their credit card, after entering an email address to receive their receipt. Another scenario consists of giving access to users who have downloaded the store app and have registered their payment data beforehand.

After selecting their items, shoppers simply walk out and the payment is triggered. The system detects misplaced items, for example those which were picked up and then left on a different shelf, and will not charge the shopper for these.

Wirecard noted that instead of being present at the checkout desk, staff can carry out more valuable customer service roles. The store can also be adapted to a store-in-store concept, for example for expensive or age-restricted products. Merchants can also use additional features via an app, such as real-time inventory updates.

Jörn Leogrande, executive vice president at Wirecard Labs, explained: “Our Grab & Go Store is suitable for a variety of shopping scenarios which put the customer first and give them the utmost flexibility – we see this and similar concepts becoming widespread in the near future, and for this reason we are positioning ourselves at the forefront of this technology.”


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