Overseas Amazon sellers to offer UK return addresses

Overseas sellers on Amazon will now need to offer a UK return address or a returnless refund for orders under £20.

The change will apply to anyone that fulfils orders made on Amazon UK from an international location and will come into effect from October 5.

The £20 includes shipping charges and VAT.

UK sellers however will not have to change their shipping options.

Online orders by UK consumers from EU sellers have dropped 14 per cent year-on-year according to recent research from Sendcloud.

Sendcloud’s research found just 31 per cent of Brits made international purchases in 2021.

“We request that you offer either Returnless Refund or provide a domestic return option for items and orders under £20 (including VAT and shipping charges) as part of our selling on Amazon returns policy,” said an Amazon spokesperson. “In such instances, we will generate a prepaid return label (see Amazon Prepaid Return Label), which the customer can use to return the items.”

They added: “To set your UK default return address, access the Seller Account Information page, go to Settings – Account Info – Shipping and Returns Information section, click Return Address, and then fill it out with the appropriate address.”

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