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Sunday 22 October 2017


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Retail Systems Roundtables

Thee latest Retail Systems roundtable, held in association with Fujitsu, discussed IT security and how retailers are dealing with its implications for payments, compliance, stock control and multi-channel strategy
PCI standards deliver real benefits for retailers, but many find the compliance a headache. In April a panel of experts assembled at Tower 42 to discuss PCI. The event was chaired by Andrew Johnson, director general, UK Gift Card and Voucher Association.
The latest Retail Systems roundtable, held in association with JustEnough, discussed the art of coordinated retail planning, how merchandisers are currently allocating stock across stores, and what the planning process might look like in the future for multi-channel retailers
E-commerce can provide real business benefits, but it comes with its own set of challenges. A recent Retail Systems roundtable at Tower 42 discussed the pros and cons of online. The event was chaired by Mark Lewis, CTO of e-commerce consultancy, Practicology
Today’s customer demands an integrated multi-channel experience and most
retailers have invested in building a seamless operation. Testing in a multi-channel environment, however, presents many challenges. Retailers, analysts and industry experts discuss the dos and don’ts at an event, held at Tower 42, London
The payments space is changing at an unprecedented rate, how can retailers keep up with this evolving industry? A panel of experts discussed the issues at a Retail Systems roundtable in March. The event was chaired by Paul Rodgers, chairman of Vendorcom
Right now it is estimated that 77 per cent of the world’s population owns a mobile phone. Millions of people use mobile devices every day to check their bank accounts, and authorise online transactions – but are mobile payments in-store the next logical step?
Google have launched a mobile wallet and Apple are rumoured to be working on their own version for the iPhone 5. But what will the rise of Near Field Technology (NFC) payments spell for retailers? In June leading retailers and technology vendors gathered to discuss the issue
In early May, leading retailers and technology suppliers gathered together in London for a merchandise planning roundtable covering internationalisation and cross channel challenges, social networking, m-commerce and SaaS and cloud computing models. Retail Systems reviews the event
In late January, representatives from leading retailers, technology vendors, consultants and analysts, gathered in London to discuss multi-channel in 2010 and beyond and the role that technology solutions have to play. Scott Thompson reviews the event
On Tuesday, 17 November, representatives from Zetes and Vocollect, along-side several leading retailers and consultants, gathered in London to discuss voice technology, its impact in the warehouse and its potential in-store. Retail Systems was on hand to bring you the full review
The aim: To look at how retailers can drive loyalty in the 21st century. The roundtable panellists,a mix of retailers and solution providers, also discussed the challenges facing retail organisations around customer loyalty and retention and examined how technology can help overcome and address these issues


InterSystems 2017

Advantech's AIM-37 mobile POS solution rocks the Hellfest in France
An application story of the Advantech mobile POS tablet system with printer cradle at the Hellfest festival in Clisson, France.
Omnichannel strategies
Michelle Stevens discusses omnichannel strategies, payments and retail data with Payvision’s Gijs op de Weegh
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