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Sunday 22 October 2017


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Omnichannel strategies

Omnichannel strategies

Gijs op de Weegh is the COO of Payvision and Acapture, specialized in data-driven omnichannel payment solutions for retailers around the world.

We sat down with Gijs and discussed the company’s solutions & products, and their main differentiators in this ever-changing payments ecosystem. Based on the data gathered through Payvision’s global acquiring network and payment platforms, they have created added-value products in three areas; fraud, authorization rate, and consumer behavior. We have also touched upon topics such as omnichannel, privacy, and cross-border ecommerce.

Through the launch of Acapture – a scalable, data-driven PSP, Payvision completed its omnichannel package, supporting merchants to trade easier, simplifying the complex cross-border trade through a fast, secure transaction processing platform. The company provides data-driven omnichannel capabilities through a single interface and technological solutions for next-generation payment methods.

With global card acquiring, 80+ alternative payment methods and the ability to handle desktop, mobile and point-of-sale transactions, Payvision’s omnichannel platform was designed for today’s international retail environment. It offers tailor-made payment solutions to suit the specific needs of a variety of sectors, such as online travel, retail, online marketplaces, digital software, or gaming, improving conversion rates and eliminate fraud for merchants. In the dynamic environment of modern retail, this sort of personalization is essential as the needs of one sector differ massively from the needs of another.

Integrating a flexible, innovative, data-driven omnichannel solution into its global acquiring network, Payvision becomes the go-to acquirer and payment provider empowered by data science & analytics.


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Omnichannel strategies
Omnichannel strategies

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