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Friday 28 April 2017



Honeywell boosts Stratos 2400 product line

Written by Scott Thompson

Honeywell has announced performance enhancements available on all Stratos 2400 five-sided, 360°-bioptic scanners, enabling cashiers to increase speed and precision when scanning GS1 DataBar and high density barcodes.

The scanners allow cashiers to scan nearly all barcodes on the first pass and eliminate the need to hand-type hard-to-read barcodes or spend time searching for the 'sweet spot' - saving up to 14 seconds per product scanned.

The new enhancements also help retailers prepare for the GS1 DataBar sunrise initiative. Another enhancement is the addition of a solution to address weigh-shrink. A single or three-sided flip-up weigh bar can be added to Stratos 2400 scanners, enabling cashiers to capture the full weight of oversized produce along the length or width of the platter, ensuring accuracy in produce pricing.

"Speed and accuracy are of utmost concern in today's retail environment, and revenue lost due to the inaccurate weighing of produce is a top concern for retailers," says Taylor Smith, director of product management - scanning, Honeywell Scanning & Mobility. "Our new scanning enhancements drive a quicker, more accurate checkout process which results in increased store profitability and customer satisfaction - two of the most fundamental goals for all retailers."

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