The fast track to automation: how retailers can improve their systems using AI and better testing

Dalvinder Kular

Assistant Editor at Retail Systems

Martin Adams

Chief Innovation Officer at Mattress Online

Jordan McLean

Managing Director of Xandr consulting

Toby Marsden

VP Global Alliances at Keysight

Thanks to social media and online advertising, consumers are constantly bombarded with buying opportunities from multiple companies offering similar services. On the surface, there may be very little to distinguish between retailers but once the consumer embarks on their buying journey the differences start to appear.

To ensure shoppers complete their purchase and become repeat customers, retailers need to make the process a top priority. Some retailers are doing everything they can to personalise the experience and make it require as few steps as possible.

Yet this requires continuous testing and while some retailers have automated the process others are still testing their systems manually or have still to turn the results into action

In this Retail Systems webinar, we were joined by the following expert speakers to examine some of the steps retailers can take to ensure that their customers have the smoothest buying journey at a time when many are cutting back due to the cost-of-living crisis.

  • Martin Adams, Chief Innovation Officer at Mattress Online
  • Jordan McLean, Managing Director of Xandr consulting
  • Toby Marsden, VP Global Alliances at Keysight Technologies

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