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Past Events

Please see below for some of our previous events:

Beyond transactions: Delighting customers in retail and hospitality through data mastery, AI and business agility - Sponsored by Hitachi

Attendees will also discuss the use of predictive analytics to inform proactive decision making, personalisation engines to create tailored customer experiences, and innovative applications of AI and Gen AI to propel business innovation and operational change from front to back.

Retail Systems Roundtable Dinner: Beyond personalisation:how retailers can use content to retain loyalty to increase spending - sponsored by Sitecore

The past few years have seen the retail landscape change dramatically, with customers embracing online shopping and engaging with brands across an increasingly dynamic multitude of channels, from TikTok to virtual pop-up shops in the metaverse. At the same time, as the cost-of-living crisis continues to bite, many shoppers are sensitive to increasing prices but still want the thrill of the purchase.

Retail Systems Roundtable Dinner - Minimum friction, maximum opportunity: strategies for improving conversion rates in online retail - sponsored by Ekata, a Mastercard Company

Regardless of volume or margin size, conversion is everything. When every sale counts, engaging and persuading online consumers to complete the journey from initial interest to checkout requires a seamless payment experience with minimum friction. Digital native retailers know this to be true. Bricks and mortar retailers extending their digital operations are discovering this, too

Retail Systems Webinar - Smarter merchandise planning across the retail value chain? - sponsored by Board

Amidst a backdrop of supply chain disruption, evolving market conditions, changing consumer expectations, and the potential of a looming recession, ensuring products are available in the right place at the right time can be a heavy burden for retailers.

Retail Systems Roundtable Dinner - After the peak season: how retailers can deliver omnichannel excellence in 2023 - sponsored by Nuance

As 2023 gets underway, retailers will need to use all their smarts to get ahead of the competition and ahead of unfavourable economic conditions. Retailers will need to do more with less.

Retail Systems Roundtable Dinner: The customer engagement challenge: How can retailers use AI and automation to build seamless customer interactions across digital and voice channels? - sponsored by Nuance 

This roundtable event explores some of the key challenges and possible solutions for retailers in building customer interactions fit for the digital age.

Retail Systems Roundtable Dinner: Data driven retail: How are the most successful retailers changing their business models to face the new competitive landscape? - sponsored by MicroStrategy

As the retail industry and customer expectations continue to evolve at a breakneck pace, almost every retailer, whether bricks and mortar or omnichannel, is under intense pressure to make sure that their levels of customer service, pricing and efficiency can compete with the likes of Amazon.

Retail Systems Roundtable: The payments conversion challenge: What steps are retailers taking to ensure seamless transactions for customers while reducing fraud risk? - sponsored by Signifyd

This roundtable event with industry peers will explore the key challenges and opportunities for retailers as they prepare for SCA while offering  a secure and seamless customer payments experience.

Retail Systems Digital Roundtable: The Future of Retail: How Sainsbury’s is driving digital transformation and building the workplace of the future with James Henderson, Principal Engineer, Modern Workplace at Sainsbury’s - sponsored by AvePoint

The disruption of the global pandemic has left the retail landscape almost unrecognisable. With most shifting operations online and many turning to mergers and acquisitions and significant reorganisations to adapt and survive, retailers are emerging into the new normal as completely different organisations - not least when it comes to the role of technology and the rise of hybrid working.

Retail Systems Digital Roundtable: Retail in real-time: how are retailers using data to transform operations and improve customer experience in a time of disruption? - sponsored by Couchbase

This digital roundtable will bring together industry peers to discuss key pain points and opportunities for retailers as they harness data to address the challenges of the pandemic, changing customer behaviour, and the dramatic shift to e-commerce.

Retail Systems Digital Roundtable: Supply chain interrupted: how are firms using smart data management to overcome COVID disruption and deliver for customers? - sponsored by InterSystems 

As the world begins to grapple with the longer-term reality of COVID-19, businesses are reeling from the unprecedented disruption to supply chains at a time of rapidly evolving consumer habits.