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1. Online Innovation of the Year
This award will recognise a retailer who has successfully implemented an innovative technology within its online operations. This could range from new website features such as hyper-personalised content, recommendation engines and artificial intelligence-based chatbot assistants, to new social media tools or voice assistant integration. The winning entry will be able to demonstrate how such technology has improved the company’s business and created a seamless customer experience, while also highlighting innovation present in the technology solution. Enter here

2. Retail Charity Partnership of the Year
This award will consider the ways that technology allows retailers to better serve their charity partners. The winning entry from a retailer will demonstrate innovative methods for customers to donate either online or in-store, new loyalty programme features, or the way that the retailer is using technology to aid the physical delivery of charity collections or donated goods and supplies. Enter here

3. Technology Project of the Year
This award will recognise a retailer who has delivered a successful technology project into its operations. The winning entry should demonstrate delivery of a successful technology project within its operations. and highlight how it has improved the overall operations of the organisation. The judges will also assess the innovation level of the technology deployed. Entries are open to retailers and to vendors making a joint submission with a named retailer. Enter here

4. Retailer of the Year
This award is open to all retailers ranging from ‘traditional’ bricks-and-mortar operations to, multi-channel and pure-play retailers who have implemented a game-changing digital strategy or innovation over the past 12 months. The award will recognise technology advancements made either in-store, online, on mobile or across channels that have had a significant impact, such as delivering cost savings or better levels of customer service. Enter here

5. Sustainable Retail Award
This award recognises companies that have embraced sustainable practices, such as reducing or offsetting carbon in their supply chain or stores, recycling plastics or packaging, or energy sustainability/efficiency. The winning entry should demonstrate a joined-up approach and measurable results in its efforts to meet ESG targets and become a more sustainable company. Enter here

6. In-Store Technology of the Year
This award is open to technology providers and will identify a new in-store technology that could significantly improve a retailer’s operations and create a stand-out customer experience. For point-of-sale technology, please enter that specific category; this section is seeking in-store technologies such as shelf and aisle tools, display tech, camera, footfall, and stock management monitoring systems. The winning entry will be able to demonstrate why the technology is innovative and how it can improve a retailer’s business. Enter here

7. Customer Experience Innovation of the Year – NEW CATEGORY
This award recognises the retailers that are leading the industry in enhancing the end-to-end consumer journey. The award is open to retailers or third-party providers entering on their behalf that are delivering standout solutions that engage customers, drive loyalty, and boost satisfaction across channels, whether that is through mobile apps, online experiences, interactive stores, or innovative use of new technologies. The winning entry will demonstrate a mixture of physical and digital elements to put the customer first, provide rich data integration for true omni-channel experiences and exemplify the future of retail’s ability to create and retain loyal customers. Enter here

8. Point of Sale Technology of the Year
This award is open to providers of in-store and online point of sale technology that is showing genuine innovation– be that making better use of customer data, speeding up the checkout process, or improving loyalty with promotions during payment. Judges are looking for genuine innovation in this busy space, preferably with retailer case studies both in pilot and practice. Enter here 

9. Mobile Innovation of the Year
This award will go to a solution by a vendor, or a technology implemented by a retailer that enables customers to get the most out of the mobile experience, using their devices to engage with a retailer and shop whenever and wherever is convenient for them. The winning entry will detail technology that is powering the mobile channel, be it an app, mobile payments service, mobile marketing system or a mobile-optimised website. Enter here  

10. E-commerce Solution of the Year
This award will go to a vendor-created solution that enables customers to get the most out of their online shopping or engagement experience with a retailer. The winning entry will detail technology that is powering the online channel, be it a payments service, marketing system or a solution to fully optimise an e-commerce website. Enter here  

11. Omnichannel Solution of the Year
This award will recognise an omnichannel solution that has had a positive impact on a retailer’s business and can be entered by technology providers or a retailer that has implemented the solution. The winning entry will demonstrate the issue faced by a retailer and how the solution improved their entire approach to the channel, whether that be in terms of seamless customer experience, easy deployment of back-end systems across all operations, or the ability to gather and analyse business data from all areas of the business in a single, holistic way. This award can be entered by a tech vendor or a retailer. Enter here   

12. E-commerce Technology Vendor of the Year
The winner of this category will be an e-commerce technology vendor which has excelled in its field, implementing innovative technology in retail organisations during the past year. The judges will be looking for evidence of how the deployment of the company’s technology has led to an improvement in the overall efficiency of a retailer’s e-commerce operations. Enter here   

13. Omnichannel Technology Vendor of the Year
This award will recognise a technology vendor who has excelled across channels, implementing innovative technology with retailers, both on and offline. The judges will be looking for evidence of how the deployment of the company’s technology has led to an improvement in the overall efficiency of a retailer’s omnichannel operations. Enter here   

14. Data and Analytics Company of the Year
This award is for those companies creating the missing link between retail and customer data, whether from a third-party provider or an in-house team. The winning entry will demonstrate new and innovative ways technology is being used to crunch the numbers and sift through personal information to help brands cut costs, target promotions, sell more products, and maintain customer loyalty. Enter here   

15. Artificial Intelligence Project of the Year
This award will recognise the successful deployment of AI technology – including generative AI – in retail to maximise productivity and enhance the consumer experience while reducing overheads. The winning entry will demonstrate how AI has improved efficiencies, improved workflows, and reduced disruption. Enter here   

16. Delivery Solution of the Year
This award recognises the implementation of innovative technology to boost a retailer’s delivery proposition – be that in the supply chain, stock management system, logistics process or last-mile delivery. The winning entry will provide evidence of a superior experience at every customer touchpoint and consider innovation, speed, and reliability, as well as benefits to the retailer. This category is open to retailers, delivery firms, and technology providers in the field. Enter here   

17. Retail Trailblazer
This award will recognise a visionary retailer, supplier, technology product or service (in operation three years ago or less) that is set to have a significant impact on the sector. Entries should detail why they are ones to watch, their successes to date, and why they are changing the way that the retail sector operates. We welcome entries from every area of the retail technology sector. Enter here   

18. Best Use of Augmented or Virtual Reality
Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are emerging technologies being increasingly utilised by the retail industry to showcase goods, engage audiences, and enhance a customer’s overall shopping experience – often by helping them visualise customised products or how items will look in their own home. This award will recognise a creative and effective use of AR and VR in the retail environment, and the judges will be looking at both the level of innovation involved and evidence of how the technology is delivering benefits to a retail organisation and its customers. Examples of potential entries include virtual fitting rooms, VR-enhanced training for retail staff, and immersive product storytelling. Enter here   

19. Most Disruptive Retail Technology
This award will recognise a retail technology that demonstrates tangible impacts on customer experience, operations, and business models driving retail’s future. This award champions technology firms with strong solutions or services that identify a gap in the market or look to improve current ways of working; companies that could well become game-changers by helping to redefine retail in the coming years. We welcome entries from every area of the retail technology sector. Enter here   

20. Resilience in Retail Award
This award recognises the most innovative use of technology to support retailers, customers, and staff during a period of disruption. A wide range of factors including record levels of inflation, increases to commercial property rent prices and wars across multiple regions have required companies to reassess their technologies, systems, and processes – both in-store and online – so that retailing can be carried out in all situations. Whether through diversification or changing payment methods the judges are looking for proof that retailers will be ready to operate in any crisis and support their customers. Enter here   

21. Retail Partnership of the Year
This category will recognise a successful partnership between a specific retailer and a technology supplier. The winning entry may involve the implementation of a new technology project – such as a back-end system, stock process or customer-facing feature – or the development of a new technology, such as a mobile app or personalisation tool. The judges will be looking for evidence of a successful technology roll-out and an effective partnership between the two companies involved. Enter here   

22. Online Marketplace of the Year
This award seeks to recognise an online marketplace – i.e. an online platform connecting sellers with buyers – that creates an excellent digital retail environment while maximising buyer and seller safety. Winning entries will provide evidence that their technology has provided a superior experience for consumers and sellers and tangibly improved their processes. Enter here   

23. Logistics and Supply Chain Award
This award is an open category for retailers, logistics providers and enabling technologies that can demonstrate how they have helped develop reliable logistics, transport, supply chain or delivery services, particularly amidst supply chain disruption and a challenging macro-economic and political landscape. The judges will consider scale, environmental impact, use of technology and innovation as well as cost efficiencies and shortened timescales. Enter here   

24. Alternative Payments Solution
This award is specifically about the recent trend for companies offering customers, both in-store and online, different ways to pay. Examples of eligible solutions include digital wallets, peer-to-peer payment platforms, Variable recurring payment solutions and more. We are looking for new ideas, executed well with practical examples of the initiatives helping customers to checkout. Enter here   

25. Experiential or Personalised Retail Solution of the Year
This award is looking for evidence of companies innovating in the way they use shopper preferences and ‘retailtainment’ to personalise in-store or online journeys – this could be exclusive offers based on previous purchases, innovative store design or services, multi-function stores, personalised experiences, invites to relevant events or suggested products derived from predictive analytics. The winning entry will demonstrate why and how it goes above and beyond its competitors, using testimonies where available. Enter here   

26. Robotics and Automation Project of the Year
This award will recognise a robotics and automation project that has offered a step forward in the sector, from the supply chain and warehouse to the call centre and delivery via the retail space itself. The winning entry will demonstrate ways in which new technology has been employed in a way that has enhanced the retail experience and given benefits to the retailer. Enter here   

27. Payments System of the Year
The winner of this category will highlight how its payments system provides secure and flexible online payments that can give customers a rapid and convenient experience, whilst also demonstrate the benefits for merchants. The judges will also consider the degree of customer focus displayed by the solution, which will offer consumers either a new or improved way to pay online. Enter here   

28. Payments Innovation Award
In payments, the whole must be greater than the sum of the parts, and here entries from banks, processors, card schemes, technology firms, and retailers that can lay claim to being a genuine payments innovator should enter. The judges will be looking for evidence of how a company’s technology could be considered innovation in the industry and how it has the potential change payments for the better. Enter here   

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