Retail Systems Multi-Channel Conference 2015 - Speakers

Chair for the day:
Martin Newman, Founder and CEO, Practicology

Confirmed speakers:

Finlay Clark, Industry Head - Retail, Google - Finlay Clark Presentation (41MB)
Gerald Dawson, Director, Finance, Operations, E-commerce, Weird Fish - Gerald Dawson Presentation
Stuart Mclay, Retail Strategy Manager, First Group - Stuart McLay Presentation
Tim Robinson, CEO, Doddle - Tim Robinson Presentation
James Marlow, Enterprise Account Manager - Retail, Zendesk
Justin Small, Chief Strategy Officer, BIO Agency

Panel Discussions
Panel Session: The rise and rise of me-tailing

Jess Jeetly, Founder and MD, JEETLY
Bianca Mercer, Senior Consultant, Practicology
Donna North,Co-Founder, Dressipi
Emilio Sanz, Co-Founder and CTO, SalesGossip

Panel Session: The changing role of the High Street in a multi-channel age

Gerald Dawson, Director, Finance, Operations, E-commerce, Weird Fish
Sarah McVittie, Co-Founder, Dressipi
Hayley Meenan-Wilkin, Head of Web Operations - UK & International, Maplin Electronics
Tim Robinson, Chief Executive Officer, Doddle
If you are interested in speaking opportunities please contact:

Catriona Boyle, Events Manager, Retail Systems Magazine
T: +44 (0)20 7562 4381