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Tough competition is driving retailers to use technology to cut costs, streamline their operations, and help grow and retain customer loyalty.

Retail Systems is the leading technology title for the UK retail sector. The key to this success lies in delivering an excellent editorial product and targeting it accurately at this key market. Retail Systems bridges the gap between the purely technical journals and the more business-issue led titles. With a sector specific focus, it not only covers the latest developments in technology, but also talks about the way that technology is changing the world in which our readers live and work.


Retail Systems is audited by the Audit Bureau of Circulations. This is an independent body that verifies the targetting and volume of magazine circulations, and provides advertisers with an important guarantee. The latest ABC (Jan-Dec 2008) shows an average circulation of 13,000 readers, with 67.5 per cent requested copies. On top of this number, additional copies are distributed at trade exhibitions, seminars, and as promotional copies.

Established in 1995, Retail Systems has become the essential business title for those involved in the selection process of implementing new IT. This is indicated by our unrivalled level of requested subscription. What marks Retail Systems out from the crowd is the quality of this circulation. All of the copies are sent to named individuals, who fall under terms of control independently verified by the ABC: "those who authorise or recommend IT purchase". We are the only title in the retail technology sector to exercise such controls.

To see our ABC certificate, click here.

The readership roughly breaks down into the following job descriptions:

  • Directors whose remit includes IT strategy/purchase
  • Senior Management whose remit includes IT strategy/purchase
  • IT and technical Directors
  • IT and technical Management
  • Retail Systems also has a policy of continual feedback from readers, who are encouraged to complete regular questionnaires, so we can monitor their needs and update their profile.
Magazine Content

The quality of the editorial in Retail Systems sets it apart. The magazine runs an average of seven detailed features in each issue, written by the Editor and a team of independent journalists. These look at different aspects of technology in the retail operation, and cover new developments, trends and their implications for UK retailers.

We also carry detailed news from the sector, broken down in to general news and news from the US and European markets. There are also regular EPoS, multi-channel and supply chain sections. This unrivalled news content, also written by our dedicated team of journalists, puts Retail Systems way ahead of other titles for this sector.

At the heart of each issue is a specialist supplement devoted to the most important technology and business issues. Supplements allow us to concentrate in detail on topics that are too important or complex to restrict to a single feature. This supplement, bound into the body of the magazine, adds further in-depth features and focuses on a different specific topic area for each issue.

Retail Systems is published by Perspective Publishing (see


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